Lian Cleaning Services, Syracuse, New York

Lian Cleaning Services 

Residential & Commercial Cleaning Experts

Cleaning Experts

Luckily for you, handing off your Syracuse, New York area House Cleaning duties to Lian Cleaning Services requires just a phone call! Imagine finally coming home at the end of the day to an already cleaned house.

Residential & Commercial

Cleaning Experts

Do you need someone to clean your home daily? Weekly? Monthly? Or Yearly? We’ll be there to provide the best cleaning services you will find in the state of New York. We’re thorough, always arrive during the scheduled appointment window, and we only clean with all natural, environmentally friendly products. We finish with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there’s ever an area that we didn’t clean to your satisfaction, call us back within 24 hours and we’ll be back to take care of it.

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Refrigerator Exterior Wiped Down and Windexed or Polished
  • Stove Cleaned Inside/Out
  • Microwave Washed and Disinfected Inside/Out
  • Sinks Washed and Disinfected
  • Faucets Washed and Polished
  • Kitchen Counters Fully Washed and Disinfected
  • All Counter Items Dusted Off or Wiped Down
  • Small Appliances Wiped Down
  • Floor Swept and Mopped

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Shower Washed and Hard Water Stains Removed from Glass and Glass Doors
  • Tubs Cleaned and All Walls Scrubbed
  • Counters and Sinks Fully Washed and Disinfected
  • All Items Dusted Off or Wiped Down on Counters, Sinks, Tubs and/or Showers
  • Faucets Cleaned and Polished
  • All Mirrors Light Fixtures Cleaned
  • Toilet Fully Washed and Disinfected
  • Floors Swept And Mopped

Bedrooms, Living Room and More

  • Furniture Dusted Off in Bedrooms, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Hallways, Laundry Area, Living Room and Dining Room
  • Beds Made and Linens Changed
  • All Glass Tables Cleaned and Windexed
  • Carpets Vacuumed
  • Floors Swept and Mopped
  • Washer and Dryer Wiped Down
  • All Trash Cans Emptied
  • Main Door Entrance Wiped Down